Friday, July 31, 2015

12 FAdaYan *** - full house

119 71 190 ---------------------------------------------->> august 1 ~ a satURdaya
120 72 192 ---------------------------------------------->> august 2 - the monday after the MOONdays
121 73 194 august 3 - tuesday on ol'paternalism

As Human in Love we always meet again .. so why hesitate .. dear one
(shame is an artifact .. : Love is Forgiveness the highest trophee : avoid to celebrate oneself)

some issues al only up to a single human being - in line with UniQversal Souldiers

NO PROOVE for another one ... no debt to exchange ..

TAo - first 8 hours of the day .. as setting it offspin
DRAGON seal is as a New Baby born ..
should we adapt it to our standards or
perhaps let it all alone and come up with a new calendriX

73 : a Mayan holy numbear
Alignes to Quetzalcoatl .. the mysterious God , perhaps Ouroubouros alike"
Its seal is skywalker : its power animal : Albatros, a seagull on the Wind

TzuJanKee : sets the work to be done (destroys) - perhaps autistic: we always did this

ArriValue - perhaps the ArrowValue once to shoot a PreY as LION?
the Wizard Seal pops on this moment of decicion and arrivaing home .. / as 1s return in the physical domain of what the governent people see as "fact"
194 is in wave 183 of the intuit: it crystalizes the very transparant truth on life ..
multifaceted diamond .. hard enough for cutting iron

TzuYanKeY carries two rods : the Lovers both exchanging their most refined says \/ themes

11 FAdaya ~a 4th tone in regular do re mi FA

119 71 190                                                                  -->> august 1 ~ a satURdaya
120 72 192 ==>>  august 2 - the monday after the MOONdasys of going through the LabYrinth
121 73 194

Sun : Warmth & Light & radiance (healing Qi, energY)
The radiance is effect of good conversation .. seeking the touchables

is SUN Tzu ..
tone 4 in storm 117 : the self existing arousal for what am I living from my origin ??

Tzujan , the fleight and daily voyage
so what does this resonate oon the reader(s)
Feel open and ongoing by noting a comment ?
first sheep over the dam, idea ?

Qi is the arriValue of the learning phase of better self free from the ol  complex
is guiding serenfdipity
Again a Human Seal enforcing the 72 helped by pure SUN tone 4 - the effectual

S'ace whishes all a good weekend and a beter trter for next week ..
S'ace aka

Thursday, July 30, 2015

10 FAdaYan *-- Weekend Feelings raise and i hope te see DaisYBase - my pussY

119 71 190 ==>> august 1 ~ a satURdaya
120 72 192
121 73 194

Will the home turn up free te enter ??

 |  phase 0

TAo wanna make something out of those dreams ; what will the day bring
it is windY , can i stil walk through it and enjoy to reach a goal?
or let it go by for a better moment ..
Sometimes i like the storm to stand its forces
Lunar tone in the Mirrors Face & Fate

 |  phase 1

TzuJanKee  absorbs the physical enterprise .. which is all illusion , she wonders the money bizz/quiz
pops the monkey creature playing foolish , but with what intenD
never foll the self ... only go with the flow till your act illustrates your Talent

 |  phase 2

is a DOG perhaps a woolfy that howls its best damons to present
Tone 8 is a \Galactic and integrity showing Arrivalue .. Every one gets a kick out of noothing

 |  phase 3

the intuit factor guides a RETURN
kin 81 is [ 190 minus 19  ] we have a new formula completing the 24 hours !



09 MOONdaYan *** full triple received the fourth phase twice

116 68 184 <<============ july 29 wednessday (juuly 28 was tuesday - correction)
117 69 186 <<============ july 30 thursday in ol'Gregor XIII
118 70 188 <<== july 31 friday as accomplishing the mission YaniQi

some music might be plugged, i sense ... a U2 song that inspired me very deep

(the plugger claims .. and i follow ..)
TAo spices direction for the day
a MIRROR sharp and bound to be slammed in peaces
her tone 1 : it goes on to 130 - tone 13
this is the Magnet~iQ Deamon popping a new line
as a child it runs free and started a RRR evolution
TZUJANs zuvuya goes harmless & free sometimes hugging for free
exactly the DOG - hearth felt unity , why not?
QI - on Arrivalue let the lovers go into the nightfleight , third phase or do we renumber:
tzuYankey ~~~ TAo ~~~ Tzujankee ~~~ Qi ~~~ tzuYankey
do we label the waves as 0-1-2-3 or 1-2-3-4 ?
what is the difference
for me
the first option is aRight ..
we are able to hypnose the day oncoming

is a STAR .. Tone 6 - rhythmiQ ..
we dance while talking ..
it will never stop when we also allow some poetics

the intuition piks up chances te get along participating time&space&US


08 MOONdaYan **- over the half we go todaY ... did we have FULL MOON?

116 68 182 <<============ july 29 wednessday (juuly 28 was tuesday - correction)
117 69 184 <<== july 30 thursday in ol'Gregor XIII
118 70 186

(oops i described 69 in previous .. perhaps it is domnant in this daYan - "a kweak")

some tension on the last realistic chances the Great Lady takes in the only form/world
Does she gonna make is and release from the ol' boys networks
We have participaton now stead paternalism , aye
The woman assigned properties become all human available .. man being intuit and full doubt
Woman presenting talents in the front office stead mostly back office (less sharpness)

TAo directs a departure .. and follws the TZUJAN of the NIGHT ! (the RETURN from a dayfleigt)
EARTH is the Navigator ... only when feets are grounded the holon is filled wih pure self:
burning a flame and bringing that one in the uniQversal Fire .. forget lousy gaming "other ones"
Tone 13 delivers the all presence concentration to decide on YaniQ spontaneitY ..
forget the lousy tactical game ... mostly cutting someones flag .. (abject behaviour)
Get the angle on the way to go ..
See for the winds ..

here an old version of kweak - chanted in the morning by MykeY in Flandern

the chanting wil return in the kweakay on daYan smiles ..
matter of finding ET's home again .. somehow freed from dark forces ..

TZUJANKEY governs the Voyage ...
Forget ol'tracks and go ahead ... into the new , a NooSphere premise that prooves waterproof
& Gandhi too ?
Moon 4 follows Moon in Service (68) which presented 4 already by uniQversal Faulty
4 also indicates here the 3rd phase in the trip :
Tao ~~~ Tzujankee ~~~ QI ~~~TzuYanKeY ~~~ Tao

so we have 4 phases ( marked by ~~ )
The Jankee mixes while living the commandments .. in private we zolve by finding the KEY

We grab to one another .. in Touch and kiss ...


07 MOONdaya *-- I saw a pretty FULL Moon - last night - what moon was this??

116 68 184 <<== july 29 wednessday  (juuly 28 was tuesday - correction)
117 69 186
118 70 188

116 is a Warrior .. but be careful you donot rely on fake sources to speak loud and from a trap,
a pitfall YI says - which YI ? See hexagram 44 here on YI


Hexagram 44
Feminine power.
No use to grab the woman
The great image says:
Everywhere under Heaven there is Wind: the heir.
The prince carries out his mandate, proclaiming it to the four regions

day 12 of a yin moon

Temptation is an interesting thing. It could bring ruin, or it might bring something life giving.
Everyone needs challenges, to awaken the senses, in order to feel fully alive. And who knows what may manifest from it?
What 44 represents is that which is powerfully attractive to the ego. It can be a person, an event or something you have unwittingly put into train, which takes off out of control and far beyond your plan. When we build a structure around us to protect us from 'wrong' and 'bad', we can build a solid life. But what we lose then, is our vulnerability to be freely influenced. That means we also lose our creativity and our receptivity to life's impulses.
Gou is dangerous and seductive, but it brings the birth of the heir.

iT SAID [Woman Power] nut this chagnged in PartiCipation Society
So [ Feminine Power] resides in both Man and Woman ..
It could give a period of resistence and the YaniQ case is a good examle to bring it up to higher courts to get the message in full grid.

TAo - departUR
Warrior tone 12 - crystal : red crystal serpent 
 your Conscious Self - who you are and who you are becoming

just kin is 68 here : a STAR Born

TZUJAN / FLeight
on voyage we fail on having enough eyes , especially when something sets attention
69 indicates a MOON on this )NEAR' FULL MOON wedness day
Tone 4 in 66 is self existing as mykey designed some clips ..

 A combination with the artistic world of Norwegian integer talent Hilma Af Klint

QI - Arrivalue
A WIND SEAL on wave 170 / DOG , here WOOLFY tone 13 / presence

So dear YaniQ , here we are .. on presence

membering a swearing gang is no party to fight for a couple in Love ..

the office people only wanna get a story line out of it as BrugMedia
/ the boss taking your best from your fiancee ...
All grown in Paternalism especially the FRYSK
is Amsterdam token by the Frysk .. then launching Aboutleb in Rotterdam

Indeed dear your correction is heard: 184 sounds a SEED must be 144
here we have
which resides in wave 183 : the INTUIT NIGHT ... giving spive to the THIRD fase , a TzuYanKEY

(un believable on by personal speriQ)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

06 SUNdaya *** fulfilling a voyage of 3x24 hours [72 (9)]

YaniQi SirVice
113 65 178  ======= 26 , the day after the parTY/reunion (adds follow)
114 66 180  =======  27 , often RUBY tuesday=of month : dies off&passes
115 67 182  <<==  july 28 , ol'VatiCan ref is a WedNessDay : what is the Wedding about

as a forcast traveling , details follow later as the calendrix is often inspected before
(so this is what sirvice means as KARMIC 'soap')


TAo ~ Departure is a directing vector (which can be vice versa in power attraction , a pulse)
EAGLE as SEAL might sometimes be exchanged by another one as VUL(P)TURE

115 is tracking the 105 SERPENT wave on tone 11 - spectral and coloured rainbow light

TzuJanKeY is the FLeight spice
second tone in BEAVERs fort - challenging its workers to weave the building job
it adds to 115 into 182 - a wind force needed for them wings to catch a lift up

Qi~iQ - arrivalue
SUN seal brings enlightenment as a home for the day
wave 170 is WOOLFYs we remember - so this is tone 11 - spectral again ..
well that is "perspective for midweek"

CORRECTION this is 182 : wind 13 - presence

Friday, July 24, 2015

05 SUNdaYan **- rubY all creatures "she will once say where he came from"

YaniQi SirVice
113 65 178  ==============26 , the day after the parTY/reunion (adds follow)
114 66 179  <<== tuesday july 27 , often RUBY tuesday=of month : dies off&passes
115 67 180

Getting Faul happens when too much servive is offered ..
so some homework is always verY lcal upon theSolar on IntenD-Qi  as my pretty LadY Y***Q
(she is so fond on me she keeps my cat=pussy DaisY in hostile; saving my soul on telepath - cute)

TAo aka departure on about 06 in the mourning ..
starts the day on WIZARD SEAL enchanting the Last Received GLORY daYan (the triple day)
WAVE 105- serpent tone 10 manifests what has to be done in all cooperations we afford
respecting our elders especially those ones as Diamondos as Theo planning earthships and settling down in Moraocco beach smoking ale as in Holland, attracting people to come together ..
and get along in peace trayn ..

 TzuJanKeY aka Traveling such as flying the fFL8 : the zuvuya

66 ---> route 66 on the beachcabin ? TheLarch!
Wave 66 begins its lead on 12 following tones
Think this one aligns with someone special ..
WorldBridger as common sound is connected to the BEAVER in Animal references
It transpasses the DEATH and asks daddy to be as SILVANUS god of temper & patience
Slamming a womans bottoms is his penance
dutch page
who reads the formation ?
does it align with KWEAKAYN itself : submit your research in the comment box - do you dare??

is the wished she'aven for her - but some directriches dicide for theirselves TAo spells
shows the catalyser STORM as helpful advise to the LadY in heavenly WelllOV with
both DaisY pussy type Turtle and her figuranDT ..
it is in WOOLFY wave 170 tone ManiFestor CeleBreathing her liberation from a prison.

a song ?  as Let it Be is always onm the SUBJECT which is the Spiritual World
and never about the physical or mental world ..
well of course mentality is about flexibility in passing FourGiveness Unrestricted ..
Cleaning all boards in Mental and Spritual worlds

When physical is just administration , so be it ..

Thursday, July 23, 2015

04 SUNdaYan *-- TAo on these three days memorial

YaniQi SirVice
113 65 178  <<== moonday july 26  , the day after the parTY and reunion (some adds follow)
114 66 179
115 67 180

(somedays in advance as practical opportunity)

TAo / departure such as a valid command
resonates the Quetzal coatl seal SKYWALKER , which i assign to RAVENWALKER , a USA friend
it is still in 105, the SERPENT of LIFEFORCE (sex life integral part in that sensitive complex)
tone 8 is about integrity : be open and honest and sexlife flies from itself - and without shyness & power as taktical strife for being the leader : AYE both lead their way and rel-Y

TzuJanKeY FL8
Serpent seal 13 : COSMIC - presence - be in the NOW with your allies
the moonday startup needs an inspiration - can we pass one ?

Qi only goes on iQ - her intelligence Quotient
a Quotient is not meant to be zero of ONE - but when it happens understand its opportunitY
gives a MI|RROR that asks to be BROKEN in many fractals ..
do not pick anything from it //
go a way that calls - leave all things behind

TzuJanKeY is a gift from a friend and a girlfriend :
we share hangups in a HAY LOFT creative

03 SIRda|Yan *** filling the integral SIRdaYän period

110 62 172
111 63 174 =========  , a friday when the LADY could be set FREE from pAYN & slaughter
112 64 176 <<== july 25 , satURday -- check THEO LALLEMAN rip dec 26 2013 - PART Y

this partY i hope to reach seeing PallMall & Qi / chi - my directriche too , a wholly spiritual Qi refined

thanks to Marianne & Ties & i reckon Frits too , who seems low on Qi (perhaps YaniQ shows?)

TAo ~ departur station at 06:00 local time everywhere aligned by telepath
HUMAN WISDOM recalls this DAY
as Theo redefined himself many times in a period of chaos ..
the last try i remember was :"DE ECHTER" .. DUTCH / Nederlandse affair:
in sparring werd ikzelf opeens als RECHTER commissaris commissaris geacht door de GRIFFIE,
die dat doet per SCHOEN die je dan past op 14/048 een identificatie voor de wrakingskamer GIN op 6 november .. Commotie thuis waar mijn vrouwe meite had een en ander te begrijpen ..
Met vragen stellen lukt het , en ook ikzelf was in enige extase : wat betekent dit voor mijn positie in de kwestie GROENINVEST en voor de 5500 Participanten ??

Op dit moment trekt de CURATOR te Budel nog een lange NEUS naar het RECHT.
Geen zin de nieuwe ploeg Justitie hiemee te belasten ...
Immers Ploeg Opstelten, Teeven en Demmink dropen uit zichzelf af ..
na de brief aan de RC zich aan zijn eigen Tardief te houden: 5 maanden vana 6/11: 6 april 2015.
U kent het moment van afdruipen net als ik ?: dan hoef ik geen briefje ..
Het universum spreekt haar taal voldoende luid ..

TzuJanKey - FL8

02 SIR daYan **- entering the first midway in this WOLFY year

110 62 172 
111 63 174 <<== july 24 , a friday when the LADY could be set FREE from pAYN & slaughter
112 64 176

This is a first DAY done 20 hours in front of next day starting at 06:00 as margin ..
Base country is betterlands in  PARIS / BONN / BARCELONA? time zone
Last one is a gamble, may be wrong ..

Will DaisY be with me again ... or did TAo decide to be smarter than Natureal ..

departur / TAo
111 ==>> first lord of TIME marker in serial 111 222 ... 999 : 9 lords except 000
Monkey Seal on Tone 7 - resonant : in the middle of now-her & every thing that pulses.

FL8 / TzuJanKey
63 (9)
NIGHT seal pulses the ABUNDANT power that receives INTUIT skills
its the SPECTRAL tone of the coloured Rainbow that fascinates the scenery
what is my wish for US?
what can be OUR wish , if such a thing does exist

direct riche offer to YaniQ QI - quality investigations

Arrivalue / QiiQ : : "chi i Queue" ( for her i will wait some patient workoout )
The Wizard comes by to help ..
Merlin type
Tone 4 - self existing without any fear or receptive for a devil genius ...
Be Footed as A PIED aTERRA => dutch P/a on letters ..


01 SIRdayan *-- NOO years day in a WOOLFY SPECIAL YEAR

YaniQi SirVice

110 62 172  <<==  july 23 , a thursday the Lady is dated
111 63 174
112 64 176

The perspectives get low agayn - still some positions may fruit ..
In a whippy the dragon can fly agayn from its prison captured by ol'deamons unaware.

we combine Departur with TAo ; Fleight is TZUJANKEY , Arrival is Qi

Departur / TAo
combined with fleight WIND 62 it can only be the WOOLF
its wave is 105 and tone 6 is rhythmic so WHITE RHYTHMIC DOG

YOUR CONCIOUS SELF , who you are and who you are becoming
reading pretty woolfy

FL8 / TzuJanKeY
resonates a WIND at wave 53 - Quetzal coatls - tone 10: MANIFESTING
IT permits WOOLFY to speak wide and thorough

ArrivalUE / Qi : Q I -- "chi"
Tone 2 - challenger in wave of DOGTYPE WOLF ; it is the LUNAR tone
transconnective with the MOON - what moon does reign ??

NB recalculation gave DS112 Tzolkin64 => TreeKweak 176
Yellow Resonant Warrior
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Cardinal      Clan- Sky
Galactic Activation Portal
I channel in order to question
Inspiring fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of elegance
I am a galactic activation portal   enter me
Seal 16 Yellow Warrior Seal 17 Red Earth Seal 18 White Mirror Seal 19 Blue Storm Seal 20 Yellow Sun Seal 1 Red Dragon Seal 2 White Wind Seal 3 Blue Night Seal 4 Yellow Seed Seal 5 Red Serpent Seal 6 White WorldBridger Seal 7 Blue Hand Seal 8 Yellow Star Seal 9 Red Moon Seal 10 White Dog Seal 11 Blue Monkey Seal 12 Yellow Human Seal 13 Red Skywalker Seal 14 White Wizard Seal 15 Blue Eagle Tone 7 Resonant Tone 8 Galactic Tone 9 Solar Tone 10 Planetary Tone 11 Spectral Tone 12 Crystal Tone 13 Cosmic Tone 1 Magnetic Tone 2 Lunar Tone 3 Electric Tone 4 SelfExisting Tone 5 Overtone Tone 6 Rhythmic Tone 7 Resonant
counter clockwise wheel rotation
Kin 176
Harmonic 44: Resonant Output Express intelligence of attunement - Loom of 13 Moons Gap Kin
Moon Phase
The Dreamspell Prayer for Today by Starroot with Jose Arguelles - Valum Votan playing flute. (Hunab Ku image) Kin 176
Sat Sept 26, 2015

S'acec onsiders this as the outcome for tyhe year KIN