Sunday, May 31, 2015

XII SUNdaYan *-- voidTripling

AHA weUs got some Form.. On our FL8 : fleight where weUs are informed on the secret 8 includes 9 while eigth is a TWIN ;-)

Having found our twintype we poortale into pourTale

Do you like that

60 12 72
  DepartUR  60 is Sun seal for presence walking Boots over You

  tone 8 : includes nine : everyone s feminine (not only them egoistics and tyrans!)


  12 is both Humane and cooperaTional intend purifying the black 21 plague
  we know 12 is in serial 52 the YaniQ demonstrathor..

That is 12 is a collective and people servicing type..
While 52, 13 th tone cosmic went out of mind while the technology stressed out human at average commons forfetting to shape new political plane as YES did

Are Ri Valore

(creative way to see ourus arrivalues)

72 ~a kweakayn Sacral Numbear : while daYan is tripling 24 into 72 : 9 to 8 hours

We explayn later on holding our newcombers in the mood for NooPlanetH

(did you know our GandhiTriplingBlessedByWay?)

 72 is another human.. So what to say Humanity tripled itself today june ONE???

 serendipity at Charging Planet Arcturus
 Human Seal is toned Resonant on this VoiD typo

in wave 66 WorldBridger.. myKey : conGrats' we made it!!

XII Cosmic SIRdaYan *** triplinG fullSIR

59 11 70)

 Dreamspell Tzolkin TreeSpell  >> DTT } OTHER THAN IDDT in Netherlands Waterlands with Arun Gandhi

DepartUR  station greatly mastered by Jose Arguelles & dr YitzhaQ Hayutman, cyber architect on the run

59 is storm seal : agartha-has-ascended-to-6d-next-comes-our-ascension/cataclysmo

FLEIGHT done by stand up  Judge Commissary Commissary on GIN 20xx flight 21 years growthbof YRobinea TRees on typical Dutch director manafement Belgian

Anecdote:blessed by Gandhi dynasty in 2009 may23 facilitated by Atrent-Qi power undisturbed/cosmic

11 indicates Arguelles himself having left earth beyonD
trayning hus kin for this mission

Its also monkey12/ 51 Jan2 laid down by Ben16, a drunk nerd, drinking mothers nipples at 28,  pretty sick and pervers: jalous guy as steve sicko other than twin steven E
steve of destructions of Schonfield Legacy hiked into Gandhi Legacy walking tgevdutch dikes on may 23,  2009 with a popping photographer on elan vital wings,

Arrival 70

Premises a dog but then Woolf in SHIFT PHASE SkyZeRo

Tone5 overtone

Fools Overture SuperTramp

YaniQs high Fleight 4 Earth & Be Yon D. April 30,  2014
Last day of a kings crusade 26 27 28 29 30done by
 deputy chief chais 2 order uncle S'ace 42

Saturday, May 30, 2015

XII Crystall - SIRdaYan **- halfway tripling

So we are getting more coded, so when someone fills a code page or clip on this
we lll co me

58 10 68

 departure energy 
 58 depicts MIRROR tone 6,  lately in the treekweak zone

What tells mirror when its broken?
 blood on the tracks,  bib Dylan

Perhaps THESE Periods are As reCeiving A BABY \ A GOOD LESSON TOO FOR BOTH?.?

WHAt DIFFERENCES meet a physical baby and a mental one?

}}} i truely hope MyKey will respond in thectalking it over section

Perhaps mediates a victim?

 Processing tends to be  similar as resteppimg some corridors
 bythe one was in a hurry,  alas

Now ome is warned by mistakes,  so only own mistakes hurt

10 is dog ofones favou~RIte

RI is laughing as having a red nose as Monkeys can have on cards

But Jimmys watchTower Power told us the Jester Joker Clown Fool Trap

Who converts it to the ones that Need so BaDLY.?




WHAT does it say   :   Vega in Lyra

Socis it about music and playing guitar man or harp?


Friday, May 29, 2015

XII SIRdaYan *-- which power animal on twelfth moon?

57 9 66 perhaps we corrected 1 kin on oir passing on to the 12th moon
the crystal on calling for coooeration
what does it require
what is offering spacetime?  what is taken care off,  too?

departure at 57 premisses earths NaviGate

Fair enough i suppose

Processing the movements greatly is 9,  the cleamest moon of alll

Nine is fdmi nine and i hope them saviours of that womb as Kuxan Suum
remember its des'tiny which may be guiding them childrens phases resp.
3^0  3^1 3^2 years long, 14th is wizardry,  settimg free from moms, whi will be there when needed desperate not in pamper care all the way, we know the queeste s premise is to be conquered not hospitalized as quarantee for life or friend

Yesterday the 9 star Tahirih medal was talked over

Q66 was an ol dutch pop group, does it refer to something?
Q as character 17 / earth

from z1 &2 y3 x4 Q is 11,  eleven..

66 is a 1 tone fir wavespell world Bridger once Frans but elas het failed hus strength
 in YaniQ case.. Maybe interpreting the chair case too chivey

Bridgee marks a Death as having no money for DAY
 simply see the demins at works'

NL51 INGB 0003394781
to cj de groot
  just skipping the rule bravely  as luxery emergency regarding boat refugees

Thursday, May 28, 2015

souldaYan **- challenged the 28 finally

55 6 61

Oops,  i seemed to forget but the the time serpenta moves  ontological

Departure Eagle and visionary goes without a fixed schedule that frauds its existence

55 also indicating a number in the phone ending 55033 and sync with birthday 624 in goa(s)tyear 1955

Almost 60 cycles at water dragonder the 5x12 sync

In tziolkin 220 (electric voltage? Inherited from Tesla)

When did Tesla live 10 july 1856 - january 7,  1943
kweak kin resp. 43 218 001 birth   54 225 279=19

High Lights?

1 indicates  Tesla  started a new aeon as Silvanus meant his Godhead.
 19 as wizard 6 - dancing apprentii, my prime core for enchanting a passing

225 serpent defining invwindwave 222,  +key for a chair beghosting a wholly dynasty..

43 follows 42,  Jan Goudsblom, myleader of the pack setvfreefrom my fathervMartin John andca salzpipe helping YaniQ to backpacktrack the wholly intenD
What arrival spell? After 50the 5thvp radiating a multiple saga incl. Eckart Wintzen & Pim Fortuyn first EU judge commissary commussary at a Palacio?

61 indicates monkey
YaniQs rednosed Monkey delivering Simon Peter Gabriel :  US

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SoulDayan *** strikes day 28 - the VoiD

56 7 63 kin of resp. dreamspell tzolkin treekweak

Departure 56

Is a Warrior 4 type as Berny
what does he intend to conquer?

But she is not there, or is she doubting some facts
Did we talk it over to act fearless when it comes to suchness

It only happens in the moment but was prejected too we know by signalgimmicks

Traveling 7
depicts Resonant Hand, the hand of the practioner on

she is a real HARA driver,  which popped MataHara as her destiny.
So a bit spy type, investigations in beach club parties to overcome her G'pride stagnations.

Becoming a resonant hand makes it a healthy tool for partners always on a movement uncontrolled while cosmic human did come from crystal monkey,  passing onwards..

63 Arrival

Shocks the night at 11 - a collective experience

Intuits fall over one another
as we experience double 8 : 9th the baby born

Contemplate    &    as birthing symbol  pos 26(8)

So here we described 27 iso 28

57 8 65
earth star serpent

Quit a speaking trio

Tones 5 8 13  :   great performance

Monday, May 25, 2015

SouldaYan the 9th one in thiscnoo concepttion

Does it temper time when the suggestion keeps hold on 3 24 hours and 9 To eight similar AS 9 TO 9 WITH the zipper on 8? last one has a twin on (8th hour)

54  5  59 numbear the row on *-- , day 25of maya

Departure 54 is second tone in skywalker wave

Seal is Wizard for enchantmemt,  challenging some noo by songs and rhythms

It s the last wizard before the Yaniq and S'ace wizard 74 in 7 days on the arrival check

5 depicts Serpent 5, overtoneSerpent bites on whitsunday pooson in the victim

Overtone radiate s the skull crystals

Perfect eve 4 mago writing the tree case closure

59 seal storm cataluses the serpents poison into elixer #

Tone 7 is resonating the void column 7

Some Mykey wrotimg fits in..

Saturday, May 23, 2015

URdaYan *** includes REED one

The focus of many people as individuals contracts a contact on "what us to be LET before hurrying into  solution expecially when it is private act only.

Here we may open into experience of them numbear closures by ESP character - Electric Sensory Perspception estimated by kweakayn numbears resp. Dreamsper 22,  Tzolkin 220 adn sum 242 in Treekweak: june 24, 1955 - 60 years over in 31 days to live on.

May 24

53.  4.  57.

Departure 53 syncs in feathered serpent : kin for inspection as Silvanus drives the storyline charged: mother and children here 2 sons "on mistakes reigning agent of city of Zwolle on despair. The agebt did not return to his rekevabt client yet,  but so far shows Leak with the complaining Lady B.

Concrete community Z and hus mayor practises acshow process, "crucifying" a multiple protected servant for all the people such as seat 14/028 at a closed seat governed by President C.Wiertz. She is informed on the outcome noticed on 6 till 10 march 2015 : three resigns in public right at Justice Department.
Who is payed for Justice?

This Yaniqs son case.... Where the son puppets the mother in full marionet wrong un the function mother crossing citizens prime cause : legal sharpness never victimizing
 the sovereign at the kings desk.

While a loving relationship governs a house, it is governed by them both, lovers.

When suddenly another driver comes in such as based on emotions as survival projection we shoulds be carefull.

Survival is not done by saving a son from justice, where justice reigns society.
 The existence of the son himself is already taken care of by father and son.
Interference of mother at a case of rectification for the wholly abuse is a societies duty Guaranteed bij the Mayor, the Agent, the Employes,the Hoise Medical server, the instamce servixing mental care (Dimence)
The case GIN 14/028 ends on the closure letter Already done on case 14/28 joining two hands: right hand of justice cleans the left hand of Finance : who pays off all participants at equal end formula : 6 fold outcome on investment. One statement CDG on the court GIN 20 may 2014 till 8 june 2015 settled the judges resignition.
The other statement could have renewed the societies learning principles - wheras no invitation done by head takeover from director in 2008, Netherlands Bank Institution ran by a second mother with autistic child on abuse.

What governs but God Silvanus ending a perk, dutch tijdperk,  paaltje,  punt:

Thus very neaning of whitsunday here charged by mother 21/4 on retraite with permission Bouke H. , director guaranteeing her job and public servant fulfilling hus stand on 25/4 by locking the door for outlaws having announced themselves by mothers phone.

Further solvation are done in the " deG family " tricked by 2 or 3 ladies performing emancipation laids misleading male officers as LC 29/4 city of Zwolle in dact done by B. Family on 22/4 lead by unseen advocare MB in Denia,  Spain. What a family tragedy in fact put in court by miss J.B. 73 loving care to CdG alk those years setting the fruit.

The Great Lady would gave gotten passing the door by sovereign friend protecting her inner / wanted strength on just Handling her sons and ex-man. The autistic junger boy set free from incriminized oldest sun by cultural standards at mitorclub G.

Now the mayor can come inas rhe saints do.

It depicts the UR idea for Inspector Clouseau : the Pink Panther implying the Colour of resurrection
eau is water the element of magnetic settled fields that electrify on breaking waters pure balance at meditation.
Clous indicates Closure
Spector is the intelligence actor of UR d"accord
IN is only your bodily vehicle as a motor running several spheres including the death

We may see the other I : me selve

dreamspell Red Magnetic SkyWalKer was destiny 52 yellow cosmic human

Voyage 4 includes the ger / slash. On Yellow Self-Existing Seed [44]

 57 as arrival / destiny gives tone OverTone in 53 wave

Radiating Energy

eArth Seal says Navigathor at work

URdaYan. **- universe confesses


I step out of the Hotel the Breast
 to walk over the street

 a yellow bus drove by and stopped

A woman rans out of the bus

I donot see recognition immediately

Closerby i see it is Saskia
 a volunteering neighbour in our practise of

she drops hersel in my arms

I feel like heavenly weeping Camel,  sixth skin

Wouw the Rhythmic Tone as Sixth Tone forced to send photo of DaisYbasee 'my' pussycat received from gratitude YaniQ in a UR Heave from URane,  the 8th planet.. Okay.

52 43 95

Departure 52 shows daytime kin cosmic human of partnes moring kin crystal monkey (skulls and bonestype : in for lustcbut be careful for applications - practice only on professional hara : donot bend to emotional gender when profession requires that license)

 52 is presence in the world of energy handlings into the effects premisdont loose your master honourable free giver ever..

 Voyage 43 feeds intuitive arousals as TAo gives sights on options

Tone 4 marks self-excitings happening in some chaordo

rrival 95 sets an eagle or even vulptur

Thursday, May 21, 2015

WINDdaYan *** triplim them trinity 19 20 21 maYa

The calendar chNGED THIS MONTH and we could hardly know
it also gives pattern  27 in hours when we see the 8th hour as Mothervand Childthe pregnant woma or also man
 a man can be pregnant Of similar ideas as woman but this is ridiculous falsifyimg language as meant.. Here we mean pregnant of a world encapsuling idea that frees fROm N OLD PARADIGM THAT FORMED A THRESHOOD

THE paradigm lately discovered in the Netherla was

THIS WAS OCCASIONALLY DONE BY SECRETARY-PRESIDENT AUTORITY FINANCIAL MARKETS MISSES VAN Vroonhoven my partner in GIN20YY flight licensed to take flight in 2000 guaranttee landing when touching ground

Touch down with the landing by illegal / abusive force as rockets get passengers downbut notcon free gepiven airways.

At the same time as chaospilit saves participants as passengers he is attacked in the babk by a guest in the house of love.whats up doc?

50 41 91 (correction forcuesterday : 49 40 89!
faulty can be communicative too ;-) as exception only

Departure 50 Depicts DOG as WoLF,  the pionear for new life, elan VITAL AS participation stops too faul children " gettimg to fuck the mother" as it shows that  play

Is is a one night stand. Or even three,  than okay that includes the lessom for both

A true loving relatiinshio comjunicates a film that hardly could be stopped
 but  a single opportunity token by boss and boss in the house

as Silvanus godhead means ending a faulty period,  as someome experiencing patience and forgot s play in selfsight booming new chances for both in the dream

process is as moving from the danger limes into save healthy zones.

41 shows monkey processing on tone 2 the challenge offered by TAo
allow the goodmakingadventure ?
Play the healthy  bodies as shows her meaning to life by her  Handtools and MataHara special earth crystal activated by Vega.

Arrival illustrates 91 the Quarter Number as 4 give a wholly year
 again Monkey but now as Cosmic as Cosmic Human 52 (YaniQ)

[BLUE Cosmic MONKEY]  SEARCH gives a reading.Of course it is Transformative

It is playfull presence loosening autistic stiffness accepting lifes TREASURE S

PEACE & communication in egoless performances knowing a silent gift,..
 the generation s'ilence transpassing youth and equivalences on reasonable mixes


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

wINDdaya illustrates the Zipper

So Uesterday we found 3 to 8 hoirs closing 24 as a full day
 hides the twin hours 9- triple 9 : 22 6 14 22 as arbitrarary paasing endless struggle from groupies

The Triple kin are special X Y X form

049 300 049

While 49 is as Y a trinityand 300 a 4 as 4 to 75

We redraft XYX into YXY as its form

 49 suddenly resomates 13 as well as 36,  resp sum & product
 Diff is 5

TzolkiN resonates  MOON 10 in Sunwave of presence
10 manifests our LuckNow day,  already gome by


300 is actually 40 while we subtract 260,  the wholly cycle
so we
YXY into 49 40 49very peculuar

For me because indeed very exciting ideas came in and where Transponded in the world that trusts my most Humble acts
YaniQ even combines YitzhaQs Judas book,  Mata Hari & Erasmus and the spinning fall

good sol'ution to bind all "what happens in the earths shift & omega spydear"

A propos : what will my connected Jews do in Budapest..?


49 a gain MOON10 - Planetary

It feels okay josé Argue LESS

We happeneD in Moon noospheric Alliancees you apprentii of Red Queens as
my very lover woman YaniQ for so many days alway giving and Laughing her best smiles,

Cheek kisses too

WIND 9 & Human 13 together Wizard 9 Solar Child

As jupirpter Child Juno bro of Zinzy,  womderful daugther of Louise & Jeroen AT neighbours 2B

(alas 2B formerly Jacobs place, I heard he died last year in Purmer-end)

Memo Jacob W.

An advocate struggling boatrefugees entering the Netherlands as land of their destiny
 ( as typical )

He inspired the revenche - seat on november 6 2014, saving the tree-money for Participants Groeninvesr - GIN giving the Kings Trust

What an Offer you made, dear Jacobs Ladder!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WINDdaYan *--

WIND spell 19 20 21 th day of moon /may2

3 daily seal governin 22 6 14 22 is an hour orientwgere kweakayn propagates same hour everywgere only 3 phases : 3*8 hoursor 3 * 9 hours ; 9th as twin! Houras the hourglass symbol 8

48 ~ 259 --047

(sorry previous day 42 Was a bit euphoric, correct one 45 serpent 6 rhytmic)

Now (yesterday) we had
 star 9 solar  bright Vegan shining her ger hearth, again vage from shimmering influences back in thruth, at home

Storm 12 crystal As Mediator in a'Quarantain letting Keshe Water tricks heal human
stop hunting deadly gossip for vital elan on practice as attent-Qi massages for bodily recoveries.. Underlying seroents kundaLini'age

HAND 8 Galactic  heals from the oractioners clean mindsetwhivgph is feeded by the cow
 galaxy milky way (titd pleasure pergaps as motherly Legacy from this 13 year periods :3^0  +  3^1. + 3^3
 1   3.  9  YaniQ 139.1+3+9 makes 13

Its product raises 27  1*3*9

 the productive years as foundation for solar life : raise yourself bro/sis

Stop all agony -  extreme physical or mental  suffering as migraine types do  themselves,  sometimes driving a neighbour to killing herself (ydw on windmolen xx hhw 198x)  

does history repeat itself or are solar beings that ignorant slaves of sensation via victomizing  other ones? ?

Wind xx- on 20may follows soon

Monday, May 18, 2015

KINdaYan - 6th daYan, 3rd day - theme Unity / dances

The Start Up is always a hard....
 is a motivating say to pick up Lust for Life

Is this why the Lady is a Tramp when it comes to proove & decision on particiPatient moods?

Arrival daYan

3 daily Seal governing 22 06 14 22

47 ~ 258 ~ 042

( aHA Norit on 42 aka uncle Jan, my verY inspiration )

047 departs as Hand washing water cleaN,
 it trembles and vibrates as 8 - galactic tone

258 is processing the elevator pitch.. Dont you think ¿
Mirror, Mirror on the walll who is PANdit number One Sharing 11 -
11 Spectral Tone of liberation such as Mother FreeD from DramaSon or Other Kiddo ')

042 is pure Arrival such as our black Noorit
s'he connected us at a higher SKY,  or plain / plane

Then DaisY could be freed too

from what to say? The mind program governing Yanickname

How could she be trapped that easy?? All Genesys???

 total numbear fuses at 357 - in the 21x21 measure 441 (9)

So the tzolkin vibrates in 8 (260)
 the Hunab Kuh counter vibrates a 9 free from cubi : spheric

Saturday, May 16, 2015

just checking the may table - the start moon gave errors

Sirdayan 1-3

Sundatan 4-6

Moondayan 7-9

Fadatan 10-12

Nessdayan 13-15

Kindayan 16-18

Winddayan 19-21

Urdayan 22-24

Souldayan 25-27

Glorydayan 28

28th is in line / on sync with day in month XXX signals Fund Robin'ea scores

Fallback quarantee is june11 doulbing peoples loss but justice done  and so tgereby a Teaching

CSNY on deja vu
Teach your children welll..

KINdayan***- 6th dayan third day/kin

Sunday in gregorian xiii


46 257 043

Departure Bridges a World

Voyage meets Earth Manifestation on 10th Tone also Glorytype

 Arrival forsees the Night Watch at 4 - self Existing and other autodidact truststhis in Sunvwave 40

Quite a mix, as every one delivers rich

the dreamspell kin differs one up against origin Arguelles

 we note the kin of dreamtime 22-0600 as days shimmer on 22 06 14 22 etc
this fives potential to run one time for beings all over the globe trained on suchness

Product orient may fade away when obsolete

See for it in yr dreams

Thursday, May 14, 2015

KINdayan *-- target day in the Hague?

This KIN is matched to the site geven to me by YaniQ

Why did she do this?

Keeps on wondering my lunatic search tolling (allowing such and place it save)

5 15 : 44 255 039 may 15 seed5 overtone eagle8 galactic storm13 cosmic

Quite (ah~mazing as creative esp)
 resp. Radiance ~ Integrity ~ Presence comb

Guides mark for just ice having co_participants in flight KIN20YY saved for family lifes progress in good effort.. Mystery solveD

Is 5 15 a three day and 20 Too i wonderedintuition at service and presence as sun

The initiating nightwas on 43 energy

Dancing the night away with the head om RainoBear

Fantastic Healing musique at Entrada

Nice morning, tea with honey - duck couple in the garden full skulls

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


WHILE empire governs on Aseanus - god Silvanus can track the aeon s shift

Here divine language needs oraclemen to surrender as Humanity

Waternet divinely chose one in 1998 on Gregorian XIII scale

What Mayan year was is in dreamspell?

26/7 2003 spectral wizard year became. The leader of the Pack
 numbear?  earth1  3 days from it on 157,  so 154 its kin
 154 minus 365 is as 414 - 365 is 49 : moon 10 in sun wave 40

49 minus365 is as 569 minus 365 makes 204 : Seed 9 year 2001

204 minus 365 is as 464 minus 365 makes 99 : Storm 8 year 2000

Leaping resp Wizard7 1999 ; Moon 6 1998 ; Seed5 1997 ; Storm5 1996

Okay - servicing som calculations provided by Jose Argueless

We found seed5 year as matching Oracle Human for Waternet while it was in februar 1998

The very day codes

14: 43 254 036 helping our MataHari to find her way out of the put

43  is mark for intuition4 - self existing - as essence endurimg the nightwatch (Rembrandt, Amsterdam)

254  is mark for wizard7 - resonant - enduring the trip, the movement control potential enchanting his voyage through the maze

036 is mark for warrior10 - manifesting - while landing on the several lines in peace giving sense and vitality to societies destiny

 43+254 gives 297 minus 260 : 37 the ninth lord of time signal within serial 111-999
 3*37 makes 111

The dreamspell spells an earth seal on tone 11 : spectral

Here i keep on tracking the lifecodes of Valum Votan, the time traveller - abused by my friend Yitzhaq too long i propose

Earth is trigger forNavigation and imdeed quite some Navigation happened in agony today

 Thanks YaniQ for showing your greater Goddess ~ whatever the days may bring forward

All together the numBear movements align  333(9)

welll,  how does mykey react on this signal of 27 as 3x3x3?  or her insight?

NESSdayan sec - Mata Hari is alive and makes WarHead

To day is the mid triple of 9,  centre of 27

Say daynumbers 13 14 15

They are coded synchrone as 9days a kweak before may 1

We are in eleventh moon out of 13 (till july 24)

Day 13 codes as  42 253 035 for the 3 movement types
departure 42 is as Galaxy Hitchhiker answer,  wind 4 - self existing in arrangements
this codes Jan Goudsblom,  the dutch guy saving 5 adults and unborn child

To me this translated as 5 senses as sight,  taste, smell,  touch and hearing

The child embodies shamans secret the sixth sense

This sense picks up distant to default crossovers that pop serendipity.

Traveling trip is kin 253 : last column skywalker in star wave
its tone is 6,  hmmm seems to match the unborn one getting birth

arrival kin is 35, we take Owl as a predator bird for a while

Owl is numbear oracle 13 5 12 => 30  -  WOLF


This guides the better world as weaving a trouser weepimg ones childrens destiny

Surrender the noo worlds where we are.

Bolon Ik

Monday, May 11, 2015

FAdayan ~ NESSdatan ~ KINdatan

Here we TRHrough the BARRIER




3RD ON FAdayan triplet

041 252 012

22-6 monkey 2 - lunar challenges
6-14 human 5 - overtone radiates such as ijsvogeltjes in the morning at lake in dunes

14-22 human 12 - crystal human in dragon wave #1 magnetic column

Seems pretty good arrival section while challenging the dayans

where are the chANTEES DOCTER DOCTER

THEY ARE ON YANIQ PC WHILE RECOVERING FROM oedipus alike phase on kees

Is this bad?   Nono TAo always tracks allright

Time saves energy for relaxed humen. Stressed ones by obvious motives get down bynthemselves

 see in some attunement free from ego

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4 >5< 6 SUNdayan liberation day the Netherlands

Yesterday eve the memorial was impressive : " we know our destiny as humaen"
 on this 5 may the energy in schEnkhuuzen was really special
starting with sunshing and misteal wind
markets all around,  people enterraining one another full opensmiles we cherish those days and they cannot be all days in order to focus the celebration of free zone to live our society.

In the afternoon rain and watershed  broke down with a purifying character

I simply loved it to get wet.

34 245 19 : 3 phases of 8 hours make a wholly 24

Departure 8 starts at local 22 - 6 in the morning
34 marks Warrior Seal as fearlessness Tone 8 - Galactick

Travelling 8 goes on 6 till 14 o'clock in the afternoon
its on 245,   Eagle - visionary spiced with Owltone 11, spectral sHarpness
 indeed liberating dynamics on this very day  remember this as gaving lived and enjoyed thus current

Arrival 8 14-22 shuts down this cycle in worrying a bit.. How to survive the mix we illustrate
 19 is the first Storm in the 260 table hall
 it is in Wizards wave tone 6 - arhythmic dancer equibalancy as well as equi/aqua ~ Valencies.

Monday, May 4, 2015

4-6 SUNdayan

Finding the new timetrap we experiemce some forms
yesterday was getting out of the tombola of life when a deep love seems to need saviour.

How far can we go before we settle it with various participants (failimg)?

Is the policeagent trustworthy when he asks me questions i did not raise nor suggest.. But then suggestion theatre of another ones chaos/plan rules 'a hype'.

 So i simply state i am not in for psychological entertainment missing the objectives that sphere with subjectives at some organised permutation table as Tzolkin.

May 4 monday
we  in Holland are in grief for the dead ones in world war 2,  while another world war seems happening of ANOTHER KIND?

DREAMSPELL departure
33 IS SEAL SKYWALKER AS QUETZALCOATL inspiration for QuetSul,  dutch variance
tone 7 is resonant as if a field is vacuum as purified state

Tzolkin is as Travelling
 244 hits a SEED as cosmic egg.
 in WAVE 235 EAGLE OR owl here in her wisdom  offering cuckoos
 TONE 10 IS PLANETARY SPICE for manifestation

Treekweakspell tumbles on 277 -> 17 : earth :: (4) in wizard wave

Quite a space to fill with local fun

Nice daytomorrow
may 5 : 34 245 19
may 6 : 35 246 21

For the time the chants are on autodidact mode
as well as dayly labels

4-6 sundayan moon 11 
kweak power animal is inspired by location this afternoon
dutch wielewaal

Sunday, May 3, 2015

-1-3 SIRdayaN

The may month goes synchrone on gregorian & kweakayn/tzolkin'child

That is the 28th day/kin of 10.3 (10,4) bursted out into the wholly continuing show on earth : gregorian stopped as relevant time pattern
 this very trinity is a first illustration how we continue

Dreamspell 30 : love  via hearth felt resonance

Birthgame 241: nurture via breath pulsing sun

Keydraft 271/11: flexibility by grammar balancing as attent-Qi

BioVoid as sound shell

some organising playground virtual writersdogma for ghostwriters - not relevant
  so no name - stay course deal cop / gentleman

Keep the reality situation from 'a writers block
Respect partners workload as initiatives without ground but "selfinterest goody"

Intend as common ground is getting the stuck boy launched free from emprisoners.Set him free from blame while the Mother of Intentions Awakes gradually from the psyche.

The further lectures need swift sharings in this world

the shift happened at the Dark Waters next to a Tree

The body was tortured as a crossing

next morning the bike was exchanged for the car
get the body out of a locking mode
see the station for coffee,  have a VVC stop
Bike around a bit
See the center of locals
get the medicine
tell a story
see the pro-cop / caretaker
stay out of "the comfort zone" : value our peoples work

the car was dropped at the station, shocking memories
A bank with 2 elderly was entertayned
a Frysk captain dropped by and we had a chat
aha tomorrow he tripped to Hoorn.. So i have a lift

Dreamspell 32 human 6 - rhythmic

Birthgame  243 night 8 - galactic

Keydraft 275/15 eagle 2 - lunair challenger


Friday, May 1, 2015

threeday format of kweak

Things happening in physical life caused the kweakayn into a decision to perform a threeday format of kweakayn:

-1-3 SIRdayaN

 2-6 SUNdayan

7-9 MOONdayan

10-12 FAdayan

13-15 NESSdayan

16-18 KINdayan

19-21 WINDdayan

22-24 URdayan

25-27 SOULdayan

  28    GLORYdaya

This very day saturday may 2 Quetsul will see for the shift in the Glory

the numbear tracking Quetsul iz 11 7 5 8 9 7 12

Its tripledear is 18 22 19 resp.  [ Mirror - BOLONIEK - Storm ]

Funny i was entertayned by Mirjam on Friday.. She was realgreat support and dropped the body in a Hotel, just what it needed for 2 nights.. Thank U heavenly Manitou...

 the sumnumbear iz 59 : storm 7 - resonant in skywalker wave