Saturday, April 25, 2015

throne 2016

Code for mission 087523565 public servant

1998 in service amsterdam
1999 heiloo to Bakkum ( castricum )
2001 royal duty - june 2015
2000 2020 tree contract participator also representative for collegues
2004-2011 ger innovation in participation
2006-2016 co leading edge integral governance
2010 2012 honoured by mayors seat thrice
2012-20** protected by zwolle 2008 first consciousness tracking crvb - signed in trust
2014 court & higher court relevant proven/declared speaker
2015 protector B family

Well list kept short comforting the intake

S'ace in favour of YaniQ both hood keeper & protector / autodidact

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

252 kweak tribute last page YaniQ - more GraCe than GraVe, aYe

consider [CTRL + to] enlarge!
penguin F'acts

Allways Complexity S'eems to ADD the cosmic EGG
Placenta Fill Exceeded manyfold


what did we receive by that ?

is Genesis a clue
or also an organism to evolve

Humen Graces

 dutch calling YaniQ (missing against expected procedures)


 point at oracle reading

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

human CosmiQ is as YaniQ

This verY goat day exactly rhings went as they go on a scheduleas IANXELLUNGOLD could narrate the MaYan Calender on 9 phases
 other rhythm than Jose Arfuelles but then still in some dance alive

She did a great job guiding and trusting her friend Bolon Ik till a breakpoint which signals attentQi value into the noo intenD Qi,  both only wanting the new heigth of PotentQi finding elan vital in relationships that flow asxrivers tend to show..

Now my precious 52 walks natural lines stead those fingear narrowing pinsets

As i plan to listen her chozen music in the pretty room

She createD this from the Vega spot found in triangle

How lucky  was i to find her and save her from some cultural threads we tend to aVoid, ut then we didnot Care too much zombies. Friends came along to to tease the pencilplayer and praisectreecutters as ol jews in gaz fields ;-)

Now they refound the Silberbooked people as Sacky

What a coincidence we met in Lucknow 2006?
 ninth year current

Then some other diehards kept on pushing and pulsing a noo life as CharLene

seemed to plug on Charlie Hepdo

What a life
 so 52 Human and 22 Wind make a Wizard tone 9 too: 74(11)
 she the resonant mago enchants and he a four as in 4 shaping angles
 and roles exchange in bodily and mind phases moderating the balances

Healthy mind in heal'thy Body

refers the other one ..

YES ~~~ i am prepared
.. after having struggled some fields of explorat'ion

Thursday, April 9, 2015

second love kweak alive! & kicking them cosmicals ;-)

the ease part is up
as top and TA°
(empty and fillable)

follows paging down ;-)

something strange / weirD happened
while we missed the true LOVE kweak :
while it was masked in a life field format

what can this mean?

then ...
the origin seal of this kweak should be DOG
but that was represented in kweak 9.3 by Woolfy
so the chinese marker
(alternate from sheep)
GOAT breaks trough ...


only following the TAO of the UniQverses

 silv'anus goes as s'aceanusss

Monday, April 6, 2015



Is be-phrases in WUSIWUG As U-turn perspective


the story behind this pro~gramming is
at my side cited by Eckart J. Wintzen
 i wondered his J : John or Jacob or......
[ something un~ex~spected \ un~aware ]

We request a Dog that speaks for kweak 10.2
} "we-coded" into 9.2 while 1 is o {  ')

So o is the omega figure for 0/zero the hero

Bolon ik

') } reversed accolades co'ac { 8~)
} ~~~  )::( ~~~ {
the void , a noo'thing

In our cell'ar-e we numbear [bolon ik]

2 13 12 13 14 9 11
In trinity formnation :
15 39 20
 15 as 2o15
 39 as kweakayn key keeper
 20 as tzolkin marker for sun / RA / hunab'ku (21 is 20 too)

Sum 74 refers to 73, the keeper in 73 x 260 = 365 x 52
 the precession submission driver

Form equals
Feminine or Masculine
Origin word F&M ')
Transcripts into Feminine and Masculine - Hydrogenius

F&M coopeRA'D ion
Converts the Rat into the RAD - the wheel,  the Radion element washing a [puriphikadion]

& is the 26th character in the original moon-alfabeth of 27 +1 (+1)
which also aligns to the 28x13 = 364 year account
the +1 factor is aligned to 41 - april one , also januari 4th - 14
one cvan even align the number to the Musceteers slogn "all 4 1, 1 4 all",
which pops the One with the Open Mind : d' Art - agnan
In The Netherlands this figure is represented by Claus van Amsberg

in the bloodset of the author
this is aligned to 'het bolletjes cafe'
but then anly when an anectdote links both to one another
} and this could happen at all pl'aces
where people meet and engage {