Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy New Cyclue !

a bit postponed

the new cycle got its entry on the planeth

CoMN T' act

Re Ceive:D

the new year can be calculateD here
enter july 26 2014

pop gives
DS : moon 9 solar / kin 009
MT : wind 1 magnetic / kin 222

treekweak meanders 231

tone 10
(planetary manifestation)

wave wind
(i.s.o. communication ;-)

Monday, July 21, 2014

TRANSmissive 5 days ~ Governanthem Planet Velatropa 24.3

in those days kweak leaves some days
out of the 4 x 13 moons as the commons

it is another method for seeing what time is ...

try 28 days as the MOON experience
exercise for human beings

try 364 days as the SUN experience
exercise for human tribes

try 4 years seaming into another 4 years by those 5 intergalactic days
all humans unite on similar priciples
as essential elegance with grace

(actual references are omitted here)

consider the impact inspiration wise
at a pace 4 peace on earth

Reporting the 5 daya interval:

As a bivid i used to implement 3 days of silence ..
in these kind of 'meta-complexities' as illusion
So now i write on the 4th day, which aligns to the form giving Tone 4 ...
what is see is that the day got split in 3 sections in stead of the illusioned two by noon or by 12 hours break memorial to 12 stars or 12 tribes or whatever ayncient believers stuff.
Equalized parts of 8 hours are only breakers for schedule guidance .. in reality the DAWN end the TWILIGHTzone are given attention in energetic alignment for sight & insight.

See in the schedule how we have 3 kin' energy types playing their fun , on averate we operate on 2 a day as 11 in 5 days tends to averae 2 .. simply while the eve kin returns in the domain of the dawn .. both exemplifying intuition how to digest worldviews and go with one another ...

S' , a bivid biovoiding

Sunday, July 13, 2014

finishing serpents quadrophoniah ?

(excuse to followers .. a day was doubled in 13.1)

Special Day is july 14

sympliayn to 225 years ago ...

Parish Bastille

the kweakoracle reads
the dawn has WORLDBRIDGER energy
opportunity by a sudden death

the noon spells HAND energy
GODs Hand ?? Michelangelo !

the eve premise STAR
holds elegancy as POWERED STRENGTH

have a good shift!

meet one another ... where it suits ..






Saturday, July 5, 2014

moon 13 kweak 2 lifekweak of attracive focus

(sorry 1st moon was incomplete)
due to working them better
this moon 13 is a member of the team
1 5 9 13

this is the re-teaming interval speak

other 234  -  678  -  10 11 12
are subordered but then working active
whereas this gives entry
to newcombers by interval

where is the tutorial?


when something new occurs .. how do we build ?

youtube 'mykey kweak' entry pops

getting autodidactic day by day